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This is the personal website and blog of floverfelt.

This site is intended for my thoughts, projects, ideas, etc. on things I find interesting or am thinking about.

Site Philosophy

I feel like too many personal sties/blogs/etc. attempt to create a faux digital-persona of the author. I’m trying to actively avoid doing that here and as result this site is what I want it to be and represents my ideal for a personal site - simple, evolving, and useful.

That said, I hope you find the content here interesting and valuable as well.


I will add new to-do work as “Issues” on my Github. Feel free to contribute or add new suggestions there.

New blog posts will be in the _posts folder. I will post links to all of these in the “Posts” section.

Any external sites that I find valuable I’ll store at the bottom under “Links.”

Currently Active Side Projects


Speaker for the Dead: A Complete Analysis